Listen to the podcasts I was on as a guest!

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I chatted with my homegirl Anuli Akanegbu on her podcast, BLK IRL, about my carefree era.

I chatted with Taylor Elyse Morrison on her podcast, Inner Warmup, about the art of delicately setting boundaries and confidently advocating for oneself within a multitude of relationships.

I talked to my girl, L'Oreal Thompson Payton, about embracing a Soft Black Girl Summer. 

I chatted with Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin again on her podcast, The Femiio Podcast, about the power of affirmations.

I was a guest on Pánsá Pánsá Live Podcast again, where I continued my conversation about mental health in the African immigrant community.

On PTW Office Hours with Ashley M. Coleman,  we discussed being uncompromising as a Black creator.

On The Fly Widow with Dr. Alisha Reed,  we discuss the importance of self-care while grieving.

On The Magical Girl's Guide To... with Jacque Aye,  we had real-talk about the struggles on maintaining self-care as a Black woman in a capitalist society.

On The Sound Bath with Aja Monet, I share my thoughts on being in-relationship with people suffering from mental illness, and how the system might be changed to better care for all.

I chatted with my good sis, Dr. Mariel Buqué, about how I'm undoing generational trauma on her podcast, Break The Cycle.

I had a long convo with Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin on her podcast, The Femiio Podcast, about my very personal connection to self-care.

I chatted with Dani Faust of Manifest It, Sis! about how to make self-care work for your life.

I got to chat with Koya Webb on Get Loved Up about many things, including my personal journey with self-care.

I spoke on the Self Love Sista podcast about what self-care really means for Black women. 

I was a guest on Black Women Talk Work, where I talked about my pivot from magazines to social work

I was a guest on Pánsá Pánsá Live Podcast, where I talked about mental health in the African immigrant community.

I was a guest on Edit Your Darlings, where I talk about all-thing editing related like preserving AAVE in my writing.